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Past Events

  • Coding a Tic Tac Toe Game


    Jan 19 2016

    Ever thought playing tic-tac-toe was easy? Let’s learn to build a tic-tac-toe program that can beat us every time – on a grid of any size, not just 3×3. We will be learning about modelling a game, writing an evaluation function, and searching for the optimal move.

  • First Dive into Deep Learning


    Dec 10 2016

    This time lets discuss basic concepts of Deep Learning and gets our hands dirty by solving a problem using the very basics we discussed.

  • Math for Machine Learning


    Nov 19 2016

    Learn about the basic math and algorithms required for machine learning.

  • Cross Platform Mobile Apps


    Nov 19 2016

    Participants will form teams and pick a technology of their interest (i.e. Xamarin, Cordova, React Native) to build a cross platform mobile app. The app to be built is a todo list where users can add todo items with a photo and a location. The problem has been designed so that it can be built within a few hours.

  • Hack Hack and just Hack!


    Oct 15 2016

    This time let’s just code to make amazing products. Software/hardware and all things awesome.

  • DevOps for Devs


    Oct 13 2016

    In this edition of the Dev Day, we are presenting talks on Devops – “DevOps for Devs”. Come join us to understand why “DevOps” is relevant today from a technology standpoint

  • This time it’s real-time


    Sep 10 2016

    In this edition of Dev Day, we have talks scheduled on RTC. Come learn about aspects of real time communication and the way real time systems are built.

  • Functional programming: Hands on Elixir


    Aug 27 2016

    We bring to you Elixir – a concurrent, functional programming language.

  • JS Everywhere


    Aug 04 2016

    Desktop or offline applications? We’ve got you covered. Reactive applications? Try cycle. Native moblie applications? We have React Native. Internet of Things? Johnny Five’s here to help. JavaScript has evolved into one of the easiest and ubiquitous language around, and it looks like there isn’t much that can’t be done with it. JS Everywhere – Let’s rejoice!

  • DevOps in Cloud


    July 16 2016

    Upload. Download. Dock. Serve. Functions on demand. Everything to do with the cloud.

  • All about databases


    Jun 04 2016

    A Date with Databases. This meet up would be all about Databases – the internals and the overall. The idea is to tear down databases, across relational/non relational, and understand them deep down.

  • Data science: How it helps


    May 07 2016

    On this 3 Edition of DevDay, we have Viral B. Shah, co-inventor of JuliaLang, and other speakers from Sahaj, to share their experiences and learnings on Data Science.

  • Arduino Day


    Apr 02 2016

    Arduino Day is a worldwide birthday celebration of Arduino and Genuino. It’s a one day event –organized directly by the community, or by the Arduino founders– where people interested in Arduino and Genuino get together, share their experiences, and learn more.

  • DevDay


    Mar 05 2016

    DevDay is a monthly informal event for developers to share their experiences, ideas, opinions & perspectives about technology


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